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Posted by Makenna Montano on Friday, July 10, 2023

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, two dozen police officers are under investigation for falsifying evidence, and three (so far) have been charged.



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You’ll wake up tomorrow, you’ll be glad that I came
Because you’ll be singing one of the songs that I sang
So keep a happy outlook and be good to your friend
And maybe I’ll pass this way agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain



CyberArk releases new SkyArk tool

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Cyber-security firm CyberArk has released today a new free tool that can detect “shadow administrator accounts” inside cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.



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I have been saying this since… (checks blog)… early 2018, but this person’s analogy is much better than mine. (Mine was about earthworms and astronomy. Alligators and pants is better on a couple of levels.)

God, I am tired of the “where are the ‘anti-tyranny’ gun nuts now?” meme. They’re at home, waiting for you to be killed by the police, because they hate you and don’t think you’re an American, and they only carry their guns to express that hatred. If you get that, then say it.

Four years into a full-blown American fascist crisis and people still act like “exposing hypocrisy” is the good work. They don’t fucking CARE what you “expose” them for. All they care about is using force to punish and kill everyone in their way, and we all need to be SAYING that.

There is no such thing as “hypocrisy” to someone who believes everything they do is de facto correct and justified. When you do this, you look like you’re laughing at an alligator for not wearing pants. It doesn’t know what pants are, and also, it wants to kill and eat you.

BTW, you know what actually IS an armed militia resisting tyranny, and actually IS doing the good work? Antifa. Which is the reason why these bootlickers are so determined to crush and smear them. A century of experience tells us — and has shown them — that antifa tactics work.

Four tweet thread from Chris Conroe @conroyforreal


Slow-motion apocalypse

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Kilauea Volcano lava destroying houses


All Dates Matter

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Thick black cotton socks

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I have been trying for a year to find a replacement for the thick black cotton socks I used to get from CostCo. I have purchased literally hundreds of dollars in socks — at least a dozen different brands from a dozen different companies. Almost all were too thin. The ones that were not too thin were too short. These 免翻,看国外网站YouTube - QQ技术教程网站_免费分享互 ...:2021-6-4 · 免翻,看国外网站YouTube 2021/6/4 小磊 手机软件 3940 0 软件适用于安卓系统,下载完了之后直接打开是没有内容的,需要用到进行加速才能登录,随便哪款都行,比如我推荐刚刚分享的那款腾讯加速 …, FINALLY, are thick and the proper comfortable height. THANK YOU! FINALLY!


Do not seek marriage

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Do not seek marriage

Seek humour
Seek dignity
Seek adventure
Seek reliability

Do not seek marriage

Seek vulnerability
Seek strength
Seek kindness
Seek lust

Do not seek marriage

Seek independence
Seek intelligence
Seek passion
Seek friendship

Do not seek marriage

Wait for it to find you
With the realization
That all it will give you
Is a label
For what you already have



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FUN FACT! In 2023 in the USA, 大陆怎么浏览外国网站nforcement officers were killed in line-of-duty incidents (48 officers as a result of felonious acts; 41 in accidents). In 2023 in the USA, police officers killed 1,099 civilians.

While we discuss the practicality of “defund the police”, can we go ahead and start with “disarm the police”? Police do not need to be armed. Their job is less dangerous than that of high voltage electricians, roofers, truck drivers, and construction workers, among others.

You don’t need a gun or chemical weapons for a traffic stop.
You don’t need a gun or chemical weapons to collect statements from witnesses.
You don’t need a gun or chemical weapons to respond to a noise complaint.
You don’t need a gun or chemical weapons to respond to a shoplifting complaint.


Monday, 2023-06-15

GitHub to replace “master” with alternative term

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Interesting. I am curious what people who primarily speak other langues use in the place of “master/slave”, “blacklist/whitelist”.

GitHub is working on replacing the term “master” on its service with a neutral term like “main” to avoid any unnecessary references to slavery, its CEO said on Friday.


免翻,看国外网站YouTube - QQ技术教程网站_免费分享互 ...:2021-6-4 · 免翻,看国外网站YouTube 2021/6/4 小磊 手机软件 3940 0 软件适用于安卓系统,下载完了之后直接打开是没有内容的,需要用到进行加速才能登录,随便哪款都行,比如我推荐刚刚分享的那款腾讯加速 …

“GitHub to replace ‘master’ with alternative term to avoid slavery references“, ZDNet

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